“Of the happiest memories of my childhood, many of them are linked to the Lagoa Velha.

From the long walks through the vineyards with my father, learning to know the grape varieties from the leaf, watching the vines grow, deciding the right time to harvest…

I grew up listening to my parents and grandfather talk about the Lagoa Velha and all the work that took place throughout the year in order to harvest the best grapes possible.
As I grew older, I began to understand the reason for their passion of the land, the enthusiasm for the vineyard and the desire to always do more and better. I realized that only with a lot of persistence, dedication and a spirit of sacrifice, can we achieve great things.

When, in 2001, my father challenged me and my husband, Miguel, to do the harvest with him, influenced by his desire to innovate, we, too, did something different and aged a red wine in French oak barrels for the first time. It was a challenging year in every way. Having the outcome of a year’s work in the vineyard in our hands, having to do it well, with no room for error, was a huge challenge. That’s when the first wines bottled under the Quinta da Lagoa Velha brand began!

Today, I can proudly say that we produce wines that stand out for their uniqueness, unrepeatable, the fruit of the coexistence of generations and happy memories that I have of each past harvest. Wines that mirror the Bairrada region and its people.”

Carla Neto

Our History

Quinta da Lagoa Velha was founded in 1969 by the Neto family in Bairrada. With a centennial viticultural heritage, now in its 3rd generation, the genesis of the Quinta remains faithful to the traditions and principles assumed since its birth: that of producing and making known the Portuguese wines of the Bairrada region.

Our Vineyards

In the heart of Bairrada, the Quinta da Lagoa Velha carefully manages and harvests 13 hectares of vines. By vinifying only our own grapes, we guarantee quality from the vine to the wine.

Our Team